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Kevin Girgis


Kevin is one of Atef’s 5 Children. He is 27 years old & has an undergraduate degree from Wilfrid Laurier University & currently enrolled in a postgraduate program at George Brown College in Digital Media Marketing. These are his stories (actually his favourite things about working at S&R as a teenager)… Click this link to understand my reference then continue reading the rest of the article

The first year he worked at Sin & Redemption was 2009.

Started back in the kitchen cleaning dishes, taking about the garbage & doing light food prep.

His biggest passion was peeling potatoes & using the Winco Fry Blade. Nothing was more satisfying than that. He would even bring friends from school & show them how cool this was.


Peeling, cutting & blanching fresh potatoes made him feel like a real adult. At 16 years old it is hard to believe that someone would brag about this part of their job, but for some odd reason – he did. 


The Fry Cutter!

Cheesecake & Frites


Now the feeling of working & being rewarded financially for the work you put in is usually a sensation that everyone enjoys but to Kevin the real reward was getting to eat good food whenever he wanted.


It contributed to the weight gain over the next two years but nevertheless the Belgian Frites & the cheesecake at S&R were rewards that money could never match.


When you’re working hard Kevin thinks that many people almost forget to eat but food is one of the most important aspects to living a healthy life. But that caramel chocolate cheesecake is hard to forget about even when you’re working hard.

The Garage Doors

When you think of garage doors you probably think of a house. For Kevin Sin & Redemption was another home. Spending all of his free time trying to make extra money & learn what he could in the kitchen. It surely extended to real life at university being able to cook some pretty good food!


He really enjoyed the breaks sitting at the bar & having the garage doors open behind him.


A really unique atmosphere to feel inside & outside at the same time; a big perk of being an employee or customer at S&R. 

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